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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: No Official Result; Easy Money for Mayweather

In his career as a professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather was the greatest of his generation. His title list is extensive, but when we look at name by name, the fighters that Mayweather has defeated over the course of his career, we get a sense of how big he is to the boxing world.

As a retiree, Mayweather is heading towards an even brighter career as an entertainer. His exhibition fights have earned him financial numbers several times higher than his fights as a professional and an even higher media attention. Just for stepping into the ring for this fight with Logan Paul, Mayweather will receive US$30 MM (Paul will receive US$20MM). It is estimated that with the pay-per-view revenue he will pocket another $100MM.

And let’s be clear on trade-off. Mayweather has faced almost amateur names in the boxing world, in other words, no chance of defeat. Thus, high money combined with lower-risk relation. The YouTuber Logan Paul is one of them inexpressive names. In the boxing world he accumulates only one fight as an amateur (a tie for another YouTuber, the British JJ Olatunji, better known as KSI) and another as a professional, against the same KSI, where he was defeated.

The fight itself did not bring any surprise. More experienced, Mayweather let Logan get tired in the first rounds and, more consistently, began to dominate the fight from the fourth round. However, the fight delivered what was promised, pure fun and entertainment to fans. We look forward to the next show, Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley.

By Silvio Doria

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